Lola Daels

City Desert

Lola Daels

City Desert



2015. Urban scenography, Ninoofse poort, Brussels.

In cities of today we can find ourselfs in places which give us the feeling of being in some kind of desolated landscape such as a desert, populated only by some lonely cacti stand- ing miles away from each other.The issue however is not the absence of life, it is the way the place is being lived that makes it feel like a desert. It are places which are being skipped, places where no one has got his home or no one feels himself at home, places where everyone has ceased to take care of.

If a place can’t be a home to the people who are living it, it becomes a wound.. wounds need attention in order to avoid them to get infected and have a larger influence on the entier city. City deserts we call them. By giving this place our Sanseverias we are not healing the wound, we are just giving the desert its cactus. It is like hiding the infected wound with a patch, it becomes less visable but underneath the wound keeps on growing worse.

This work was made in collaboration with Sebastiaan Willemen. © Image courtesy of the artists


Lola Prima Donna Daels °1990, Brussel (BE) represented by Kusseneers Gallery, Brussels. Currently in residency @level five Brussels.



Lola Prima Donna Daels (b. 1990 in Jette, BE) is a Brussels based artist. Leaving from found objects, she poses critical inquiries about the ecological and socio-political situation. By reshaping and integrating her relics into new contexts she questions the concept of authenticity in our globalizing society. She has exponentially gravitated towards researching the human impact from an ecological preoccupation. She works site-specifically, both in research scope as well as in execution. 

Daels obtained her master degree in visual arts in 2014 at Luca School of Arts, Brussels. She has been part of several residency programs such as EKWC (NL), Kooshk recidency (IR) and Cité Internationale des Arts (FR). Her work was shown at Bozar (BE), Extracity Kunsthal (BE), Deegar Platform (IR), Art Sonje Center Seoul (KR) and many more.

Her interest in urban complexities led to the collaboration with architect and urbanist Sebastiaan Willemen. She's is a member of Level Five artistic ecology in Brussels. Currently she's represented by Kusseneers Gallery, Brussels. 


2023 January - February 11th, 2023 Duo-show ‘Light of the past’, Loup Lejeune and Lola Daels @Plagiarama Gallery

2023 Februari 2th - May, 2023 - Art au Centre Liège, Exhibition & parcours in the center of Liège.

2023 October 14, 2022 - 19.03.2023 - Minimalism-Maximalism-Mechanismmm, Exhibition at Kunsthal Aarhus, Denmark.

2022 Januari - December Veldwerk, research project in collaboration with Sebastiaan Willemen for Plan B. Find more information about this project here. .

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